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What is Osteology?

Osteology is a branch of anatomy that deals with the structure and function of bones. An Osteologist conducts the analysis of bones to determine if they are human, and if so provides a “biological profile” to determine the gender, age, race and stature of the individual, as well as any traumas or pathologies present.

Why Do You Need an Osteologist?

An Osteologist is required if you need human skeletal remains analyzed for any reason. Medical Examiners, District Attorney’s offices, and law enforcement agencies all use osteologists. Many in the private sector do as well. For example, a Cultural Resource Management Firm that does not have an Osteologist on staff may need one to analyze remains found during an archeological excavation. Osteologists are also a valuable resource for any museum that has skeletal remains in its collections.

Services Rendered

Dhody Osteological Consulting, LLC provides the assessment and osteological analysis of human skeletal remains for both physical and forensic purposes. We conduct the biological profile of individual sets of remains, as well as multiple, co-mingled remains, for which we can determine the minimum number of individuals (MNI) present.

General forensic consultation and research services are also provided on a case-by-case basis. We consult frequently with museums on collections of skeletal or biological remains. We can also work with authors, producers, and members of the press to ensure accuracy in their projects.

Please contact us for an estimate of our rates.
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