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Dhody, Anna “The Curious Curator” BeE Woman; Spring (2008) 44-45. [PDF]

Steven A. LeBlanc, Lori S. Cobb Kreisman, Brian M. Kemp, Francis Smiley, Shawn W. Carlyle, Anna N. Dhody, Thomas Benjamin.

 “Quids and Aprons: Ancient DNA from Artifacts from the American Southwest” Journal of Field Archaeology 32.2 (2007) 161-175.

n.d. “The Underground Crime Scene: The Use of Archaeological Excavation Techniques in the Recovery of Buried Crime Scene Evidence.” Masters Degree research Paper. Professor Walter Rowe: Advisor.

1997 “Artificial Cranial Deformation: Methods, History, and Origins of a cross-cultural Phenomenon.” Thesis for Distinction. Professor Curtis Runnels: Advisor.


ConsultantBones  Fox Network, Season 2, Episode 10 “The Headless Witch in the Woods”

ConsultantHouse  Fox Network, Season 2, Episode 40 “Sleeping Dogs Lie” (gave Lawrence Kaplow a copy of the Mütter book which was used in episode).

Interview – 91 FM WHYY – “Health and Science Report with Brenda Jorett” 10/2005, interview on Mütter Museum’s new Worden Gallery. (Radio) Listen now to the: [realaudio file]

Interview – 90.9 FM WBUR – “Visual Arts: "Body Worlds 2" 7/31/2006, interview on opinion of Body Worlds 2. (Radio)

Interview – Discovery Health Channel “Skeleton Stories”, Episode 12 “Buried Secrets” 11/10/2006. (TV)

Interview – Syndicated –“The Rolanda Watts Show” 3/1/2007, live interview about myself and the Mütter collection. (Radio)

Interview – WHYY Channel 12 – Mütter Museum, taped on 7/19/2007, on the web, interviewed on museum collection. (TV)

Featured on Mütter Museum Video - View now: [QuickTime Video Online]


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